Folding Camping Mat – Z-Pad – XPE Closed Cell Foam Sleeping Pad – 350g



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UK SELLER – IN STOCK – FAST DISPATCHSTATION13 – Lightweight Folding Camping Pad XPE Closed-Cell Foam Features:Length: 180cmWidth: 60cmDepth 15mmWeight: 350gPacked Size: 60cm x 15cm x 11cmAluminised one sideR-Value 2.1Manufactured from environmentally friendly XPE (not EVA) When I first started camping and I was much younger and much fitter, the only lightweight sleeping options for backpackers were solid closed-cell foam pads. They offer some protection from the cold ground and evened out some lumps and bumps, but provided next to nothing in terms of comfort. Yet that was all that was available and somehow we coped. Nowadays with older bones and a few aches, I could not even consider sleeping on such a pad. That said closed-cell foam pads still have their place in lightweight camping and backpacking. The original closed-cell foam sleeping pads (and you can still get them) rolled out and rolled up. The only issue here is that they don’t always unroll very well and do tent to try to re-roll back up once you lay them out. This does not happen with the newer folding Z-types of closed-cell foam pads which neatly fold up and neatly fold out.Also, the original closed-cell foam pads were manufactured from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) as are some of the cheaper Z-pads, but our Z-Pads are manufactured from XPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene). Though more costly than EVA to manufacture, XPE is far more environmentally friendly, odourless, is a little more durable due to its cross-linked polymers, and has better resistance to heat. Our Z-Pads also feature one aluminised side that better reflects body heat back towards you when used aluminised side up in colder conditions. Another difference between the original closed-cell roll up foam pads and the more modern folding type is that where as the old style were solid (usually 6-10mm), the folding pads have corrugations or dimples that not only add depth, so slightly more cushioning, but also naturally provide air pockets that can effectively provide additional insulation. Overall thickness – that is the depth of the more modern folding pads – is around the 15-20mm mark. Though this will flatten out when in use, these mats do tend to be marginally more comfortable than the original solid roll-up style foam pads. Modern materials and manufacturing techniques have made the closed-cell foam folding pads lighter than the original roll up foam pads, but size-wise not too much has changed. Apart from the lack of comfort, the other major issue with any closed-cell foam pad is that they are bulky. Put one of these pads in your rucksack and you will have little room for anything else, however, due to their relatively light weight, strapping one onto the outside of your rucksack presents very little problem. So let’s now talk about the good points of these closed-cell foam pads. Well, the biggy is that you can’t easily break them – there is nothing to puncture and they are pretty durable – so at the very least they will always provide you with insulation from cold ground, and maybe a modicum of comfort, which is more than can be said for a deflated air mattress. They are totally waterproof and folding versions can also be used as sit pads. But where we find these pads really come into their own, is when used in winter as an additional insulator from the cold ground underneath an inflatable air mattress. I say winter, but we now actually carry a folding closed-cell foam pad with us for camping year round. The additional 350 grams is negated by pros they offer. Firstly, we do at least have something to sleep on keeping us off the ground should an inflatable air mattress get a puncture, and secondly, is the fact that we are less likely to actually puncture an air mattress if a closed-cell foam pad is underneath it.UK SELLER – IN STOCK – FAST & FREE UK DELIVERYSTATION13 is a small family run business and as such our good name and indeed our reputation is very important to us. We pride ourselves on our customer service, with customer satisfaction being our top priority, so please do not leave negative feedback before you give us chance to resolve any issues. Any problems please contact us via eBay Messaging. If you are happy with the product and our service, we would very much appreciate that you do leave positive feedback. Thank you.Payment InformationAll of our items are buy-it-now only. Immediate payment is required. Thank you. Shipping InformationWe offer FREE shipping on all items to any UK address.Your item will be carefully packed and dispatched within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) of receiving payment.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Other affiliate programs and affiliations also include, but are not limited to the eBay Partner Network.