Sniper Hide portable lightweight camouflage 1 man bivy bivvy wild camping tent


UK’s latest Portable, Waterproof, Windproof, Lightweight, Camouflage System Easily sets up in minutes at your chosen location Large full size, full length zip to enable you to roll into it and zip back up. The other method is to unzip the full arc panel at the front and reverse in, then zip back up. We have tried both methods and found that it’s a personal preference on how you gain access. Waterproof, windproof and breathable. UK camo pattern RealTree Green to blend in virtually all year round. This highly portable SniperHide weighs in at 1.4kg packed away, and can be slung across your back or attached to the bottom of your rucksack. Once set up, use the aperture to ambush your prey, or if you prefer, unzip the full arc and shoot from inside. For added rear surveillance, the SniperHide incorporates a mesh rear-view panel. This also enables further ventilation during summer months. it takes no time at all to unclip the lightweight carbon fibre rods, fold it down and roll the SniperHide tent up. Once stowed in its stuffsack with the rods and supplied tent pegs, it’s no trouble at all to strap it to your gear and move site. We are the sole UK suppliers – see our website for more info. Please note, this is UK stock and will be posted out on next day delivery


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