Genuine US Army Ready to Eat MRE Meal Rations Camping Hiking Survival Menu 1-24


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These Ready to Eat MRE meals are genuine U.S. Military issue and warfighter recommended/tested, they are highly nutritious and contain an average of 1250 calories making them ideal for camping, hiking, fishing or as a collector’s item. Each unopened MRE comes equipped with the main meal, a side, drink, a spoon and a flameless ration water heater with instructions as well as cardboard sleeve. Note: The image showing the contents of the MRE is for display purposes only (menu 12). Menu 1 – Chili with beans Menu 2 – Beef shredded, in barbecue sauce Menu 3 – Chicken, noodles and vegetables, in sauce Menu 4 – Spaghetti with beef and sauce Menu 5 – Chicken chunks, white, cooked Menu 6 – Beef taco Menu 7 – Brisket entrée Menu 8 – Meatballs in marinara sauce Menu 9 – Beef stew Menu 10 – Chili and macaroni Menu 11 – Vegetable crumbles with pasta in taco style sauce Menu 12 – Elbow macaroni in tomato sauce Menu 13 – Cheese tortellini and tomato sauce Menu 14 – Creamy spinach fettuccine Menu 15 – Mexican style chicken stew Menu 16 – Chicken Burrito Bowl Menu 17 – Pork sausage patty, maple flavored Menu 18 – Beef ravioli in meat sauce Menu 19 – Beef patty, jalapeno pepper jack Menu 20 – Hash brown potatoes with bacon, peppers and onions Menu 21 – Tuna, chunks, light, water packed, lemon pepper Menu 22 – Asian style beef strips with vegetables Menu 23 – Chicken pesto pasta Menu 24 – Southwest style beef and black beans



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