Lithuania Army Ration Pack Military Meals Ready to Eat(MRE)Survival Camping Food


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Listing is for 1 random military meal ration. It is designed to provide all the nutritional requirements for a 1 meal These are great for outdoors, hiking, fishing, airsoft, paintball, survival. Best Before 2021-2022 1. Sealed meat with garnish 240-250g.2. Crunchy bread 90g.3. Hazelnuts or almonds 56g. 4. Natural honey or jam 30g.5. The soluble beverage ( natural juice concentrate) 30g.6. Black chocolate 35-40g.7. The base for hot beverages ( soluble coffee , tea or broth) 2g.8. Sugar 12g.9. Dry fuel 10 grams 3 pieces. 10. Pack of matches11. Food heating sleeve12. Wet wipes13. Spoon 1. Stewed pork with rice porridge2. Stewed beef with groats in sauce3. Stewed beef with pearl barley4. Stewed pork with groats in sauce5. Pork stew with vegetables6. Stewed chicken with buckwheat porridge7. Stewed pork with buckwheat porridge 8. Stewed chicken with rice porridge 9. Stewed pork with pearl barley porridge10. Beef stew with vegetables



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