Boonies Outdoor Millbank Bag


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Currently posting out every business day. All pre-made and ready for a very fast dispatch. Professional Grade unused Millbank bags for water filtration. Unlike surplus bags which have often been used to strain fuel and chemicals, the Boonies Outdoor Millbank Filtration Bags are new, unused and safe for use. Buy the best, buy the ‘Original’ Millbank Bag by Boonies Outdoor. APPROXIMATE SIZE: 46cm in length and 18 wide CAPACITY: filters approx 3 litres per use. FULLY REUSABLE To use a Millbank Bag simply soak in water, which allows all of the fibres to expand. Now use the bag to collect water from a pond/lake etc. Hang the bag up and allow the water to drip from the bag into a container. The bag filters the water, removing sediment and other detritus. The water now needs to be purified by treating or boiling. Excellent for army use, scout use or for bushcraft. 


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