Titanium Army Shovel 100%Titanium! Super light! In Case


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Small sapper infantry shovel is included in equipment sergeants and soldiers Russian, mainly used for digging individual trenches in combat. However, as practice showed, entrenching shovel can be applied not only on warfare, but it also is a universal equipment, is indispensable for a variety of Hiking, fishing or hunting. The shovel can be used in many different and difficult weather and environmental conditions. It dig, cut, and often not very loose soil, as the geological environment in Russia is diverse, we have to work like the rocky soil, and frozen land. Among other things, using just one instrument it is possible to prepare a place for a fire; to cut wood; to mow grass for bedding under the tent; in the absence of a knife you can cut off the head of a fish or small animals (ducks, chicken); if to wash, can be used as a camp skillet. Many who were on the March with entrenching shovel familiar with its advantages. It is a universal means of survival in extreme conditions.”Space” material titanium conventional design attached bayonet shovels particular strength. Blade Material: Military grade Titanium Alloy 6Al-4v (BT 6) Handle Material: Birch (Specially impregnated) Size: 235x150x500mm Weight: 490g. (17,28 oz.) No rust in salt water for 800 years Note: Case included


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