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**Update 19th August 2023 – I have added a short video showing the extra turns you need to hear a ‘clicking’ sound when tightening a club head on a shaft. I have used a Ping G30 driver / Ping wrench and a TaylorMade SIM2 driver / PXG wrench to show the same principles apply!** **Update 13th August 2023 – I have added a HELP SECTION at the end (very bottom) of this listing for anyone who might be new to adjustable clubs or thinks they might have a challenge with using a wrench. REMEMBER, I’M ALWAYS HERE TO HELP, SOLVE PROBLEMS AND TAKE ACTION IF THERE ARE ISSUES. DON’T DESPAIR! TELL ME WHAT THE ISSUE IS AND IF YOU CAN, PLEASE SHARE A FEW PICTURES TO MAKE IT EASIER TO SEE AND HELP.** For information on postage, delivery expectations and tracking, please read the section called ‘Postal Services’ at the bottom of this listing. It will be well worth 2 minutes of your time. PLEASE READ MY DESCRIPTIONS BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO PURCHASING – IT WILL SAVE A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT AT A LATER STAGE. ABSOLUTELY NO COLLECTION OPPORTUNITIES. THIS COMES FROM EXPERIENCE AND IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. DON’T HESITATE TO ASK IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT THIS LISTING. This listing is for Great selection of wrenches from all different major brands. THESE ARE ALL GENUINE WRENCHES HAVING BEEN SUPPLIED WITH NEW GOLF CLUBS THAT WILL *CLICK* WHEN THE RIGHT SETTING HAS BEEN REACHED. DON’T TAKE THE RISK WITH BUYING A COPY! WRENCHES WILL WORK WITH DIFFERENT MANUFACTURERS AND EVEN THOSE NOT LISTED, BUT BE CAREFUL FOR OLDER MODELS THAT HAVE A SMALLER THREAD (ASK IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT) e.g. IF YOU HAVE A TAYLORMADE DRIVER, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SAVE A FEW QUID BY BUYING A YONEX, PXG, PING OR MIZUNO WRENCH! IF YOU HAVE A CALLAWAY 3 WOOD, THE SAME APPLIES, THE WRENCH FROM A DIFFERENT MANUFACTURER WILL WORK! SAME GOES FOR MODERN HYBRIDS, ALL OF THESE WRENCHES SHOULD WORK WITH YOUR CLUB IF IT HAS AN ADJUSTABLE HEAD! WATCH OUT IF YOU HAVE AN OLDER COBRA MODEL CLUB THOUGH, THIS WILL ONLY FIT OLDER MODEL WRENCHES AS THE THREAD IS A LITTLE SMALLER!! IF YOU HAVE AN OLDER COBRA CLUB SUCH AS AN AMP CELL, FLY-Z etc PLEASE ASK ME FIRST TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT AS I AM SELLING THESE IN A DIFFERENT LISTING AND I CAN EASILY DIRECT YOU TO IT. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT THE SRIXON / CLEVELAND WRENCH WILL ONLY WORK FOR THESE BRANDS OF CLUB, AS IT IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FITTING! IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT AT ALL ABOUT WHETHER THE WRENCH WILL FIT YOUR CLUB, JUST ASK ME AND I’LL BE GLAD TO HELP!! HAVING A PROBLEM WITH ONE YOU’VE BOUGHT? SEE THE HELP SECTION AT THE END OF THE LISTING! Benefit from savings if you buy more than 1 wrench – great idea if you have a couple of bags and want to save moving everything over. Alternatively, always good to have a spare in the boot. Also check out the selection of used wrenches I have listed for this purpose! Move quickly to get your favourite brand(s) wrench! *The wrench you receive may not have an instruction manual included, but rest assured it will be GENUINE! **TITLIEST WRENCHES WILL NOT HAVE A SUREFIT INSTRUCTION MANUAL; I WILL DIRECT YOU TO WHERE YOU CAN FIND THIS ONLINE IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO! DON’T FORGET TO HAVE A LOOK AT MY OTHER ITEMS TOO – THERE IS A HUGE SELECTION. DON’T SEE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? JUST ASK! POSTAL SERVICES I am moving to a postage model where I will offer you free postage, sending this item by Royal Mail Tracked 48.If you’re in a hurry to get your item, it’s well worth paying extra to get a faster service. For this reason I offer the option of Royal Mail Special Delivery, which is usually safe to assume that it will arrive the next working day.I don’t overcharge and try to profit from postage costs.For larger items, it is likely I will use a courier service, such as Evri (Hermes), Parcelforce, UPS etc.IF YOU NEED A DIFFERENT SERVICE FROM WHAT IS ON OFFER, PLEASE ENQUIRE, AS I WON’T BE ABLE TO CHANGE THINGS ONCE YOU HAVE PAID.I’m happy to combine postage and this is much easier done if you use the ‘add to basket’ function and ‘request total from seller’ from the full eBay site (not the app) on your computer or mobile / tablet. However, many of my listings will do this automatically if you are buying multiple items from a single listing. DispatchI normally do one dispatch per day and this time can vary dependent on a number of different factors. I endeavour to get things out quickly and will communicate if there are issues. You might also see ‘time away’ set at various points of the year, which means dispatches will be adjusted.There will be a lag from Friday to Monday and specifically for weekend orders, as my Post Office is closed at the weekend. If proof of posting is something you need, please enquire about this after checking out.Finally, I will often print your postage label prior to going to the Post Office and although eBay says the item has been dispatched, there will be a short lag depending on the time of day and day of the week. Delivery EstimatesI have found that more recently, people have an expectation that the delivery date that is forecast will be 100% accurate. PLEASE NOTE I DO NOT SET THIS DATE AND IT IS AUTOMATICALLY SET BY EBAY TO PRESENT YOU WITH THE VERY BEST CASE SCENARIO. MY ESTIMATE WILL BE IN LINE WITH ROYAL MAIL AND IS MORE CONSERVATIVE.ROYAL MAIL 2nd Class postage – EARLIEST delivery 3-5 working days after the day of dispatch. However, it can take longer in some circumstances. If nothing has arrived within 7 calendar days, please do get in touch with me before opening a ‘request’.ROYAL MAIL 1st Class postage – EARLIEST delivery 1-2 working days after the day of dispatch. However, it can take longer in some circumstances. If nothing has arrived within 5 calendar days, please do get in touch with me before opening a ‘request’.Other / Courier Services – please ask about individual items if it is unclear on the information provided by eBay when to expect your item. Tracking I want to set your expectations accordingly, so please note:- ROYAL MAIL services such as 1st / 2nd class standard and 1st / 2nd signed for services DO NOT OFFER ANY FORM OF REAL-TIME TRACKING for buyers or sellers. These services provide a reference number that can be used in the event of a bigger issue, where an item may go missing, be damaged etc. eBay incorrectly refer to this as tracking and this is not something that is accurate. If you need a tracked service for peace of mind / reassurance, anything is possible and you only need to ask. Please be aware that these services will likely have an additional cost associated with them. Customers might ask on occasion for me to chase delivery or a courier. Once something has entered the delivery network I have no influence over expediting or physically locating items, but do believe me when I say I find it frustrating if something does take a bit longer to be delivered! I hope that these short sections about postage have given you some reassurance about what to expect when you’ve purchased your item. I take it as a huge compliment that you have chosen to purchase from me and please rest assured that I want your item to arrive swiftly with you. It is not in my interest for it to be delayed. HELP SECTION New to adjustable clubs? Having an issue with a wrench you have bought? Trying to adjust a club with a wrench but are nervous that you haven’t heard a ‘clicking’ sound yet? Please don’t despair! I won’t profess to being able to solve 100% of your issues in this short text, but what I do say is that I am committed to helping you if you have issues. If necessary, please message me, particular before choosing to leave feedback that is either neutral or negative in nature. One of the most common misunderstandings is around the word ‘torque’ – each individual manufacturer and club will require a slightly different level of force to reach the desired outcome of fixing your head to your shaft adapter. To do this, you’re best to use one of these wrenches, which have been supplied with big branded golf clubs. I DO NOT SELL ANYTHING THAT IS FAKE OR COPY! In order to hear a ‘clicking’ sound, you do have to go that little bit extra way, where it feels like the screw has turned all it can. Don’t panic, you can go that extra turn and you will hear the magic click sound. It is quite normal for those people who don’t have much experience of adjustable clubs to be apprehensive about applying too much force. Please don’t panic or feel you’ve done something wrong! If you are still nervous about doing this, I’d recommend a couple of things:- – Consult your local PGA pro, who will doubtless be delighted to help you and show you how to work the wrench. – Run a quick Google search and watch one of the numerous videos on adjustable clubs. – If you want instructions about settings and what adjustments can be made, 99% of these are available through a Google search and will guide you step by step through any difficulties you have. PLEASE TAKE COMFORT THAT YOU ARE BUYING / HAVE BOUGHT FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS SOLD THOUSANDS OF WRENCHES SINCE MID-2020 AND HAS THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK TO SHOW FOR IT. AGAIN, ANY DOUBT, ANY QUESTIONS, ANY ISSUES THAT YOU HAVE, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH AND I’LL GO OUT OF MY WAY TO ASSIST YOU.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Other affiliate programs and affiliations also include, but are not limited to the eBay Partner Network.