A pair Telescopic 3-Section Antishock Trekking Walking Hiking Pair Stick Poles



2 x Telescopic Antishock Trekking Walking Hiking Pair Stick Pole Adjusts from 60CM to 135CM, 336grams- great for travellers of all sizes Parametres Color:Black, Blue, Red, Silver Length:60~135cm Weight:336g Shaft:Aluminum Grip:PVC + Sponge Rubber cap:Synthetic rubber Strap:Nylon Replacement parts:Rubber cap: GBP 2.69/2 pieces Features Contoured hand grip helps reduce fatigue Comfortable nylon straps for added support and control Aluminum construction – lightweight and durable Made of durable aluminum alloy Durable carbide tip Warnings 1. Please do not pull out the shaft beyond the STOP mark.The strength and stability will be decreased and dangerous. 2. Please do not use lubricating oil. Shaft will be so slippery that it cannot be tighten. 3. Please change the rubber caps when it’s worn down. Be sure to use the designated parts. 4. Do not take a pole to pieces and remodel it by yourselves. 5. This product is designed for mountain climbing, trekking and hiking. Attentions When carrying the poles, please put them in the bag or fix with hooks and put them in the backpack. Unless the poles are carried without being fixed, the shaft might be in danger of loosen and lost.

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