Formatt – Hitech GoPro Hero 3 3+ 4 Diving Filter Kit (UK Stock) BNIP


Formatt-Hitech GoPro Hero 3 3+ 4 Diving Filter Kit Brand New UK Stock, in original packaging with full Guarantee The Diving Filter Kit for GoPro Hero3 Camera from Formatt-Hitech includes a UV filter, a magenta filter, an orange filter, a red filter, a pink filter, two clear protective filters, and a filter holder; everything necessary for using filters with your GoPro Hero3 camera. Due to the light weight of the holder and filters, it will have little impact on your mounting method. Also, all of the 33 x 36 mm filters are made from optical resin to ensure maintained image quality.The two clear protector filters do not affect the overall image quality while helping reduce dust, scratches, moisture, and other elements from damaging your lens. It can also slide in front of a primary effect filter using the second filter slot of the Delrin filter holder. Three protector filters are included with this kit for convenient replacement.The UV filter helps to minimise the effects of UV light and reduces the amount of blue haze you may encounter while shooting outside in high atmospheric conditions or where there are reflections from snow and water & will also help to eliminate reflections and glare as well as provide more saturated skies and foliage.The variety of colour filters will help correct for colour casts in a wide range of diving conditions. The orange filter is suited for depths of 19.7′ to 59.1′ while the pink filter is best used for shallow dives or snorkelling. Magenta will compensate for the colour cast of green or algae-rich waters while the red filter is best-suited for blue-green waters or blue waters below 16.4′-deep. Whats In the BoxFormatt Hitech Diving Filter Kit for GoPro Hero3 3+ 4 CameraUV Filter2 x Clear Protector FiltersRed FilterMagenta FilterPink FilterOrange FilterFilter Holder for GoPro Hero3 3+ 4Limited 1-Year Warranty





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