GoPro Hero 3 Lens Cap – Black – orangeRX -uk – FPV Action Cam – UK


GoPro Hero 3 Lens Cover Cap GoPro Hero 3 Lens Cover Cap Protect the valuable lens of your GoPro Hero 3 with this handy and affordable Lens Cap Cover. For a small investament this little lens cover can save you £100’s. Did you know that you cannot buy replacement GoPro Lenses should yours get scratched? Go on, ask me how I know! The only way to replace a scratched GoPro Hero 3 lens is to buy a cheap on from China, take your GoPro apart (litterally into bits) use two pairs of plyers & a hairdryer to try to remove the original scratched lens. Then if you sucessfully do this you need to hook your GoPro upto a TV and try to focus it again…… Fell free to ask me how I know this!…. I really wish I had one of these caps before I scratched my lens! So save yourself a lot oh hassle & stress and get yourself a lens cap for your GoPro Hero 3 before the worst happens!


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