GoPro PolarPro Polarised Lens Hero4 Hero3+ Polariser Filter With Carry Pouch


For sale is a BRAND NEW PolarPro GoPro polarized filter lens. Item comes with original PolarPro carry pouch which is a nice addition to the brand new lens itself. Item description/features: The PolarPro Polarizer filter for the GoPro Hero 4 and 3+ enhances your video by reducing glare from water and snow, while incrasing the colour saturation and contrast for a more vibrant and realistic image. Why Buy? * The perfect outdoor filter * Reduces glare from snow and water * Snap-on design * Glass lenses for sharp optics * Highly durable The perfect outdoor filter Enhance your GoPro footage by reducing glare and reflections, leaving behind beautifully saturated colours. By increasing the contrast via the PolarPro Polarizer Filter, you can instantly add a warmth to your footage that makes the colours jump out from the screen for a more immersive experience. Reduces glare from snow and water The polarizer is a the perfect filter for filming near water. It helps to cut down on reflections and increases colour saturation for a sharper and richer image. This filter is also extremely good for those snowy ski trips, as it balances the colour palette on sunny days. Snap-on design Extremely quick and easy to install, these amazing lenses can be applied to your GoPro Hero action camera in seconds. Easily removed too, you can switch between your lenses efficiently so you’re never in danger of missing your next shot. Glass lenses for sharp optics and extreme durability Made from high quality glass, this three pack of filters produce sharp optics and are even scratch resistance, making them ready for any activity imaginable. I also have a GoPro Hero3+ with extras/accessories in fantastic condition, for sale if you’re interested. Most extras/accessories have never been used and are brand new. For sale on my eBay store. This item will be very well packaged and sent via Royal Mail.


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