Naish 8.2 Stealth – Great Sail in Fair to Good used Condition




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Naish Stealth 8.2m² Cam Race Slalom sail in fair to good condition for age.This is a great sail with the performance to match, on both power and top end speed. It is very stable and really fast for a sail of this size. Using it for light winds was my initial intention and where it all started a few seasons back, but, I quickly realised how much more there is to this sail and its range, making it possible to stay on the water for longer before even considering changing down as the winds increased. It just continues to accelerate and reach higher speeds! The performance is intoxicating especially when paired with a decent slalom or free race board (I used it to great effect with my large Fanatic Falcon slalom board). It is obviously a race sail and needs to be rigged ideally on a high carbon content mast and a stiff boom to get the most out, it is also best suited to experienced sailors or ambitious intermediate sailors who are used to rigging cammed race sails.(the boom, mast and extention pictured are for show, they are not part of the listing and not for sale, only the sail is!). It has a few scuffs, creases,scratches here and there, a couple of patches have been glued on by the previous owner(s) on the luff tube, none of which affects the prformance in any way. There is no damage to the monofilm panels and the main structure. I have tried to show this as much as possible with plenty of photos.It has plenty of life left in it. It has a bag with a working zip, for a change! Sizes are: Luff=499cm Boom= 224. Best Mast 490 imcs 29. I have also used 200-250 race alloy boom and this seemed to work Ok, but a Carbon boom will leverage more performance out of it. . It is quite adaptable with 3 clew eyelets and a reasonably short boom length, a tack strap to lock even more power in if necessary, and a lowish luff length for this size sail, which all contribute to keeping it contemporary and competitive with the latest design in race sails at a fraction of the price these are worth nowadays! Naish were well ahead and even held the world speed record with a version of this sail. I am now mostly sailing with smaller wave/high wind kit and it is not going to see as much action, so, it is time to let someone else enjoy it and get some good fun out of the Stealth. Due to size, item is collection only.Please see my other items also for sale on Ebay. This is what Naish had to say about it:”Performance:The 2007 Stealth represents the first significant evolution of the ‘Wide Sleeve Concept’ with the introduction of the ‘Twist-Loc’TM sleeve design. Wide at the bottom means a flat entry for top speed and pointing, a deep, powerful shape for acceleration and maximum glide through the lulls, and incredible over-powered shape stability; Narrow at the top means improved dynamic twist, lighter weight, and faster recovery from crashes because the sleeve retains only slightly more water than a Freeride sail. Combined with the World Speed Record pedigree, this is the ultimate racing and extreme high performance sail. Design:- ‘Twist-Loc’ sleeve design adds power AND free twist for better handling over-powered- New shaping geometry for more dynamic twist- (4) Cams and (6) Carbon Tube/Rod battens add stability and control.Construction:- X-ply in key areas make it tough and light- Radial tack and clew deliver ultimate strength- New patch designs save additional weightTechnical Features:- New tack fairing protects your board- Tack strap makes rolling sail a cinch- PVC seam protection in tack area eliminates chafe”

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Other affiliate programs and affiliations also include, but are not limited to the eBay Partner Network.