Mini Mal Surfboard


SORRY…. NOT PROMISED FOR CHRISTMAS BRAND NEW Mini Mal 7ft6″ x21 3/4″, Most suited to beginners under 13 stone.FCS style fin system with FINS INCLUDED These boards are hand made by Roger Cooper in Britain.Usual price £450 These boards have proven to hold there price for many years to come.These are shaped from PU foam and glassed in polyester resin, which makes them easy to repair and do not soak up water. The mini mal has proven to be the best boards to learn to surf on, and are the most popular mid length boards ever designed.They are mostly kept by skilled surfers as a second board, to ride smaller days. Great all round fun and functional surfing, on any size waves. If you are over 13 stone then an 8ft model might be best.If you are over 14.5 stone then a longboard might be best at least for your first year.Surfing does take a while to learn, but having the RIGHT board is MOST important.These particular boards have a great reputation Only a few of these going to be available before Christmas DELIVERY… We can deliver to most parts of Britain but some areas are more expensive. Delivery charges do not include insurance, so we suggest you buy a board bag for extra packing.Collection is always the best option. SORRY> NOT PROMISED FOR CHRISTMAS






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