Surfboard Bing Twin Fin Fish – Very Rare – Mint condition


Strictly not for beginners. Up for sale, my Matt Calvani Bing Twin Fin Fish complete with glassy removable keel fins and travel bag. Measurements are 6′ 2″ x 22″ x 2.75″ approximately. Slippery as a bar of soap, all the blast of a long board with none of the redeeming stability. As can be seen in the photos this board carries simply the serial number 3994, sublime pinstripes and no dimension markings. A few very light pressure spots on deck, perfectly normal. Update: It is really good to see so many page views and watchers for a ‘retro’ twin. Back in the late 70’s, early 80’s, some of us appreciated the joy of a fluid, carving style that unfolds in response to the changing wave face, rather than tube obsession or forcing tricks and airs for effect. All’s not lost, well at least in 2017, as I was delighted to discover when the following video popped up for me on YouTube. For a flavour of old school surfing fun on the kind of board for which the Bing Twin Fin Fish helped set the bar, while we are all waiting and watching, be sure to browse some of the comments: Worlds Top Surfers compete Jbay on Retro Twinnies Collection only, from Totnes area.





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